Kitty Hill Resort Reservations
Entrance to Kitty Hill Resort. World's largest avocado tree in front yard.
Kitty Hill Resort for Cats
126 Vernon St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 427-CATS

You can call Kitty Hill to request a reservation at
831-427-CATS (2287).

You can reach Kitty Hill's owner, Harriet Butts, to make comments or suggestions about Kitty Hill and boarding in general at
Please do not use this email address for reservation requests or changes.

Map to Kitty Hill Resort for Cats.

Snow Kitty
Snow Kitty photo by Stacy Tatman

Call (831) 427-CATS (427-2287) to make a reservation or to set up an appointment to come visit us.
Our main hours for bringing or picking up kitties telephone calls, tours and visits are 9-12:30AM and 5-7PM, Monday thru Friday, Saturday 9-12:30 and Sunday 5-7:00. We are closed Saturday evenings and Sunday morning.
We recommend that, if possible, you visit the resort prior to boarding your kitty with us. We know getting ready to be away from home (for whatever reason) is stressful and often pressured. A visit makes our human clients more relaxed and comfortable. Seeing is believing.
Rooms cost $30/day for 1 cat, with $18 for a second kitty ( $48 total) and $10 for each additional cat sharing the same room.
We now offer outdoor, screened, secured " catios" connected to 15 of our rooms. Your cats can go in and out at will through their door to their private outside space where they can climb about or lie in the sun. These catios effectively double the square footage of your cats room and are very popular. The added cost of a room with a catio is $8/night for one cat ($38 total) $10 for a room with two cats ( $58 total/night) And $5 per night for each additional cat beyond that.
( Of course during some weeks of the years these catio doors are closed at night.)

126 Vernon St. • Santa Cruz, CA 95060 • (831) 427-CATS