Kitty Hill Resort Tour 3
Health and Safety
Typical cat rooms with lofts
We serve filtered water, premium dry cat food and a wide variety of wet food brands and flavors.
We have a sterilizing dishwasher to ensure our food and water dishes are contamination free.
Our heated and padded floors radiate cozy warmth.
Sea breezes and shade trees keep our air cool and fresh. Special timed ventilation air exchanges protect against upper respiratory virus disease.
Our fenced property with its gated driveway keeps us private and quiet.
Each cat room is individually designed and furnished by a renowned, feline trained architect (the owner, Harriet Jane Butts).
This is a CATS ONLY resort - no human or canine sleep-overs are allowed in our guest rooms.
We are veterinarian approved and recommended.
We have operable (escape proof) windows in almost every room. They are opened every day.
Two lazy "pardners" in the Dude Ranch Room

We request current FVRCP and Rabies shots for all kitties. For any kitty that ever goes outside we request a feline Leukemia vaccine (FeLV). However acknowledging the current contoversy amongst vet's as to what should be given, when, where on the cat and how we will defer entirely to what you and your vet think is best for your cat. Just have your vet let us know his or her wishes.

126 Vernon St. • Santa Cruz, CA 95060 • (831) 427-CATS