cat lodging

Cat Lodging

Are you looking for a good cat lodging house to board your kitties? If your answer is yes, then you are sure to find our site very interesting.

We, at Kitty Hill Resort, offer comfortable cat lodging facilities. We are long-term cat lodging specialists. At our cat lodging house, we carefully look after your cats and provide for their absolute comfort, safety and entertainment. Once you leave your favorite cats in our cat lodging house, you can be rest assured that they are in proper hands.

At our cat lodging house, we provide all the amenities required by the cats, to make their stay with us more comfortable. We have sky light lofts, climbing poles, catwalks, shelf lookouts, ladders, nooks, hiding spots, lounge chairs, beds, bins and baskets for the cats to play with and have fun.

We try to provide the utmost comfort to the cats. So, in our cat lodging house you will find operable windows and heated floors covered with padded sheet vinyl. The kitties will find this place really cozy. We have extra large rooms, like the Western Dude Ranch, which are perfect for multi-cat families.

Before you board your kitty with us, we would suggest you to make a visit to our cat lodging house. This will help you to inspect whether the facilities that we provide are adequate for your kitty. The next time you are planning to leave your kitty in safe hands, come straight to our cat lodging house.

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